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Welcome to the online, fine art gallery for artist, Madge Gressley, presenting original colored pencil and oil paintings.  Madge Gressley maintains a full time studio plus a graphic design business and sells her paintings and prints across the country.

The True Life Adventures of
Delaney Mulvaney: If Wishes Were Horses...
Tona Meyer

Edited by Shelly Meyer
Illustrated by Madge Gressley and Holly Gressley

Little girls and horses just naturally go together!
Read how one little girl's greatest wish of all time
came true on her most spectacular birthday ever!

        A girlhood love of horses and writing has at last found its way into a book. The True Life Adventures of Delaney Mulvaney is somewhat of a walk down memory lane for this author. Ms. Meyer, who has worked in the marketing, advertising and copy writing industry for more than 20 years, decided it was high time to turn some of her favorite childhood memories into book form. Her first horse, a paint named Fonda Jayne, was a gift on her 11th (and best ever) birthday. The many other trusty steeds that followed in FJ's hoof steps will hopefully serve as an endless source of ideas for future Delaney Mulvaney adventures at Edgewood Stables.

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